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Welcome to Adharshila
School of Early Learning

At Adharshila Butterfly we pride ourselves on being a quality pre school that provides relevant and accessible education built on a strong base of applied research. Our small classes and emphasis on student support makes Adharshila Butterfly an excellent place to gain both English language skills and well developed personality.

More About Us

Campus Safety

* No one is allowed on the premises who is not known to the members of staff. Teachers are trained to provide emergency first aid in case of need.

* Parents will be required to specify which people will regularly deliver & collect the child from the centre.If any other person has to pick the child this must be notified to staff in advance & the individual must provide proof of identity before being admitted.

* Teachers are trained to provide emergency first aid in case of need.

* All children are accompanied by a teacher at all times

Why Choose Us

Child Care

Child care can also include advanced learning environments that include early childhood education.

Health Meals

Healthy snacks are as important to your child’s growth and development as healthy meals.

Learning & Fun

Your child learns the most about healthy active.Choose activities that suit your child’s age.

Physical Activity

physical activity such as sitting at a computer, playing video games, or watching television.

Our Classes

Improve their mood and self-esteem
Do better in school, and feel better about their bodies..